Hulu Activation Link Code

What is a Hulu Activation Code?

Hulu activation code is the unique code which is to activate our Hulu account and want to access all the shows and movies of Hulu channel. To activate Hulu account on a computer, get your unique Device Activation Code (for example, 6K47J3) Visit (and sign in, if prompted) and enter the Hulu Activation Link Code displayed on your TV screen. Click on Activate and inside around 30 seconds, your device will be consequently signed in to your Hulu account. This is all the process of the activation of the Hulu account with the help of Hulu activation code. If you are unable to understand all this stuff then you can contact Hulu Customer Care Number.

Different Hulu account has different associated activation code through which we activate it. We will access activate code during activating account and we need it to Activate Hulu channel.

Hulu is a best video streaming service that offers a complete digital content, ranging from TV shows and full movies. Hulu provides free content as well as premium content. Hulu has long series of Premium content which is provided at very low prices.

Hulu Activation is not a difficult task. You can watch TV shows and movies by two ways on Hulu. First is you can log in to Hulu official website and create an account on it. The second one is that you can install Hulu app on your streaming device. Register on the app and create an account to watch all your TV shows and movies. Both ways are very simple and quick.

If you want to watch premium digital content then you have to register yourself on the network. But it is not necessary to register yourself on a network of Hulu because most of the content is free. Hulu can be activating online from any network, we can access all the registration process online to Hulu Activate Account.

The registration process is very simple, as you have to fill some personal details with payment options. If you have any issue while filling the form then you can get in touch with Hulu Technical Support Online.

If you want to buy standard Hulu subscription then it will go to cost you anything but if you want to opt Hulu Plus then you have to pay some charges for it. Because it is ad-supported content subscription service in which you can access all the TV shows with top rating with their previous seasons.

This Hulu premium service will cost you $7.99 per month. You will have to bear with the advertisements in every TV show and movie.

Where can I get an Activation Code for Hulu?

To connect all your streaming devices with Hulu channel you have to log into Hulu official website on your computer or phone or tablet so you can enter the Hulu Activation Link Code.
Hulu Activate New Device when you connect the device to Hulu account. This is for TV devices like Apple TV (Roku, Fire TV, Samsung smart TV and other smart TVs and TV devices).TV device will display Hulu Link Code for Activation on your TV screen, which you will enter in the Hulu page for account activation. When you will confirm the code that with which you want to pair your TV device then this activation code will disappear from the TV screen and after that, you will able to start watching Hulu on that device.
Hulu still requires a paid subscription to watch content on it.

How to Activate Hulu Account on your TV devices

  • First of all, start your Hulu app on your TV. Select login option to Hulu and you will see there an alphanumeric code (e.g. 6K47J3) which is Hulu activation code.
  • Open your standard web browser on your computer and sign-in.
  • Select the option Add device.
  • Enter Hulu activation link code displayed on your TV screen and click on it.
  • Within 30 seconds, your device will automatically log-in to your Hulu account.

How to login to a device connected to TV with an activation code

  • Choose the login option from the main screen of the application.
  • To get your unique code of Hulu Activation selects the activate option on a computer or laptop.
  • Login to to activate the code. Enter the Hulu activation code on the TV screen displayed there.
  • After all above steps click on activate option and within 30 seconds you will see that your device has logged in automatically to your Hulu account.
  • Customers note that your mobile devices and TV-connected devices don’t have an activation code. In that case, if you want to activate your Hulu account then login to your email and password.

Still facing issues

Get instant help from Hulu Tech Support. If you don’t already have an active subscription then you can sign up now on

While signing up for Hulu, why do I see “Invalid PIN code”?

When we want to access more application on our Smartphone we use the “app store” same like this Roku streaming device use the Roku channels sore to access the more and new channels on Roku. Some of the channels require a paid subscription or a one-time subscription fee, while may others are free.

Sling TV and Hulu TV both needed a paid subscription and you can also sign-up directly from your Roku device. If your Roku accounts require a PIN to make a purchase from a Roku channels store then there will prompt out a message to enter your PIN while sign-up process.

If there is displaying an error message after entering a code first time then try to enter it again. If the message remains same, then there is service issue with your Roku account and this issue will sort out soon with a permanent solution.

To complete your Sign-up process before the permanent solution, you have to configure your Roku account temporarily so that a PIN is not required to make purchases.

To do this process, go to the settings of your Roku account and choose an option “A PIN is not required” to make any purchase or add any channel form Channel Store for your PIN preference. Do confirm to save the changed settings and return to Roku device and complete your sign-up process.

When you have done all and have finished then go to settings again and configure your Roku account so that again it requires a PIN to make purchases.

If you still having issues regarding this invalid error message then reach to Hulu contact number or Hulu toll-free number.

How to Sign up for Hulu without a credit card

  • There are two different ways to pay for Hulu:
  • Hulu gift cards
  • Hulu gift cards are used to sign-up and make payment for Hulu without US-issued credit cards. Here step by step process is available for signing-up and makes the payment process through Hulu gift cards.
  • Visit the site and choose $25 or $50 Hulu card option. Finish all purchases and wait for an email. You will receive the code within few minutes.
  • Once you will receive the gift card form the GiftCardCabin then go to and enter the code through email.
  • When you enter that code and click on Redeem, you automatically create a Hulu account without linking a credit card to that account.
  • After that login to Hulu on all devices linked to playmoTV and start enjoying Hulu.
  • Pay US iTunes
  • Customers there is another way through which we can sign-up the Hulu account with an iOS device or Apple TV. If you have US iTunes account and that account is funded by US iTunes gift cards. If you don’t have iTunes account then contact to Hulu helpline number.
  • Note: Customers Hulu’s No commercial cost will be more if you will pay the Hulu payment through iTunes rather than Hulu gift card.($11.99 on and $13.99 on iTunes).Limited commercials plan costs $7.99 in both places.

Issues in Hulu

  • Hulu is not working on Xbox One.
  • Hulu device ID error.
  • Hulu playback failure service key expired.
  • Buffering problem in Hulu Plus.
  • Network error on Hulu.
  • Hulu content errors like 3343, 2203, 3322, 3321 and 3307.
  • Hulu page error, i.e., Error 500.
  • Hulu restarting problems.
  • Hulu is not working properly on Android.
  • Hulu app not working on iPhone and/or iPad.
  • Hulu playback failure.
  • link not working.
  • Seeing a blank screen after launching Hulu app.
  • Hulu Plus not working properly.
  • Hulu Plus PB4 Error in Windows 8 and 10.
  • Hulu Plus not working on Smart TV.
  • Hulu not working Mozilla Firefox.
  • The problem in accessing Hulu on Chrome book or Google Chrome.
  • Hulu is experiencing buffering issues.
  • Unable to log into Hulu.
  • Hulu app doesn’t work on Roku, Amazon Fire TV or Apple TV.
  • Hulu error code 5003.
  • Hulu error code 3 (-984), 976, 3(-996).
  • Unable to play a certain video on Hulu.

How can I find the activation code for Hulu on my mobile to TV?

  • Hulu activation codes are provided by the TV-connected device, the code will be display through the Hulu app. Now you can log in to your Hulu account and enter the unique activation code to activate your Hulu device on mobile.
  • Few of the streaming boxes and mobile devices don’t provide an activation code. Users who have these kinds of devices they should log into the Hulu official service directly through the app.
  • Once the Hulu app s activated on the Hulu’s servers, users can enjoy the many of streaming entertainment options. Hulu is premium service so have to pay $10 for its subscription fee.

How to activate Hulu on Google chrome cast streaming device?

You can start streaming the Hulu shows and movies on chrome cast by activating the Hulu app on your chrome cast device. Hulu always tries to provide the best streaming services to their users. That’s why it keeps on updating the content and streaming quality. Hulu has brought an app for Google streaming device which has a name Google chrome cast. This app can be used for many purposes; you can utilize all the features of chrome cast and your Smartphone for streaming the Hulu contents from Hulu account.

Now we will discuss the steps to connect the Hulu activate link to the chrome cast device. First of all, you need to connect your chrome cast device to the wireless network which is available at your home. Now connect your Smartphone to the same Wi-Fi network with which your Chrome cast already connected.

You have to make ensure that Hulu app or Hulu plus is installed on your Smartphone otherwise you will not be able to activate the Hulu. Check updates for your app, if it is available then download it.

If you want to update your app manually then go through the following steps:

  • Open the home screen of your Smartphone and go to its app store.
  • You will find there an update option on the bottom right or top right of the screen. After it clicks on Hulu manage devices if you have installed an app on multiple devices.
  • Open the Hulu app and click on ‘Update’ option. Now, open the Chrome cast app and check for updates. If updates are available then download it.
  • Open the Hulu app now and enter the sign-in details in the field. Start streaming the all Hulu content with a single click on ‘Cast’ button. In case of any problem, you can go to activate the link and find ‘Help’ option on it.
  • If you are a user of iPhone then there is available an updated app in the app store from where you can download it for free. If you want to cast the all content which is currently playing on the iPhone screen then go to horizontal lines and click on it. Here you will find the option ‘cast’.
  • With this option, you can cast the content on the TV screen with the chromecast streaming device. If you are facing any issue in streaming the contents of your TV, then first troubleshoot the network and then check for another hassle. When you want to stream the contents, you need a Hulu activation code, which can be accessed through the official link.

How to play Hulu content on Android Device:

  • Open up your Android phone and go to ‘Play Store’.
  • Go to option menu by clicking on top 3 horizontal lines which are available there. You will see many options on the screen.
  • If you are already using an android tablet then go to the application menu and then ‘Download’ option.
  • Go to Hulu app and find for update option. If there is available any update then you will see the notification there else move to its next step.
  • After this when the process will complete, you have to click on ‘Hulu com slash activate’ link and start casting the content on the big screen.
  • In this way you can enjoy Hulu contents on your TV with the help of Google streaming device; chrome cast. We hope these steps will help you to get access to Hulu on android device. Still, if you have any issue with Hulu then call us at Hulu Support Phone Number.

How to Set Up a New Hulu Plus Account

  • 1. Tap the Hulu plus icon on Wii U Menu.
  • 2. Press the option “Try it free.”
  • 3. Remember the activation code.
  • 4. On your computer, go to this web address and set the all commands to make a Hulu plus account.
  • 5. When done, you will connect to your Hulu plus account.

How to do Hulu Plus Account Login?

  • The login process of the Hulu plus is exactly same as the login process of Hulu. So you have to follow the same steps and procedure and you can activate your Hulu Plus login account. If you have any difficulty then you have the option of taking help from the Hulu customer care number. Hulu plus Activation Link Code is needed first to activate and log in your Hulu Plus account. We have discussed the process of registration and signing up on Hulu like that we have to do the same for the Hulu Plus.

Hulu Plus Activate Device or Hulu Plus Activate Process

  • Hulu activation can be done by Hulu Plus Sign up Code. We can only do the Sign up of Hulu Plus -with Activation Code. We can access the Hulu plus through many ways. If you are using a computer, then you can simply visit the Hulu website to watch all your favorite shows and movies. If you want to use the Hulu on your Smartphone or tablet then you have to download the Hulu app. There are many devices with which we can connect the Hulu and can get all the content, like Activate Hulu on Apple TV, Activate Hulu on Chrome cast, Activate Hulu on Roku, Activate Hulu on PS4, and Activate Hulu on Xbox. To get full entertainment, activate Hulu plus first.

Activating Hulu Plus app

  • 1. Using your on-screen keyboard, you will have to type in your email address along with the password to log in.
  • 2. Then, you have to open link from where you get the opportunity to activate Hulu Plus on the device on which you want to play your favorite content. There will be an activation code to enter, which Hulu will provide you on ‘activate this device’ page.
  • 3. It’s time to visit activation website of Hulu where you will be signing into Hulu account and for that, you will be requiring your email ID and password.
  • 4. You will now have to enter Hulu activation code that you see on the TV screen. Then, click ‘activate’ to complete the process.
  • 5. As you click ‘Activate’, the device that you are using will be automatically logged into Hulu account.

How to Activate Hulu Plus Streaming Service on your Roku Device?

  • Hulu plus is one of the top and best streaming channel service available on your Roku channel store. The subscription offers unlimited streaming of, popular movies, current and past TV shows and programs for kids on your device with a wireless internet service.
  • If you enjoy watching your favorite videos and movies online, you can activate the channel now on your Roku device. An active internet connection is essential to activate the channel on your Roku device.
  • Find some of the best ways below to activate Hulu plus on your Roku streaming device.

Hulu plus device activation can be done in three ways

To Activate Hulu plus from your Roku device

  • The first step is to press the home button from your Roku remote.
  • Open the channel store now and choose the streaming channel option.
  • You can now go to the search bar and type Hulu plus.
  • Hulu plus is a paid channel and you require a subscription to activate these channels on your Roku device. For Hulu plus device activation, the initial step is to create a Roku account by visiting the website Roku comlink.

Activating Hulu plus on the web

  • Activating Hulu plus over the web is another alternative method you can use and a Roku account is essential. To activate the Hulu app online, you can enter the activation code or Login with your Hulu credentials.
  • Go to the account page and login to your Roku account.
  • Type Hulu plus on your search channel box and you can now subscribe the channel after entering the respective PIN code.
  • If you do not have a PIN CODE, go to the website Roku comlink to get the Pin code.

Subscribe Hulu plus using Roku mobile app

  • Installing a Roku mobile app can also help you to subscribe Hulu plus.
  • Download and install the Roku mobile app on your device.
  • Now go to the channel icon from the navigation bar.
  • Choose the option Channel store from the channel tab.
  • Select the add channel option and follow the onscreen instructions to subscribe the channel.
  • Enter the pin code now which is received during the Roku account activation process.

Hulu Account Sign In with email and password

Without any further delay, let us now discuss the process of signing into Hulu account with your email and password. Follow the steps in the order in which they are given in order to avoid any issues later on.

1st method to sign into Hulu

  • 1. The first step is to visit ‘ to visit the login page of Hulu.
  • 2. On the login page, you can find a couple of fields. One is email ID and another is password. So, you need to enter the email ID with which you have registered on Hulu followed by the password that you have set at the time of registration.
  • 3. Once you add all these information, you will be able to sign into Hulu account in the very first attempt.

2nd method to sign into Hulu

  • 1. The first step remains the same, i.e., you will have to open ‘ to visit the login page of Hulu.
  • 2. Once you open this page, you will see ‘F-connect option’ on the left side of the page. Click on that option.
  • 3. Clicking this page will take you to the Facebook homepage in another window. So, you have to log in to your Facebook account with which you have registered.
  • 4. Once you are able to successfully sign into your Hulu account, you can click on ‘OK’ button, which is at the top right corner of the page. With this, you will also be accepting the terms and conditions of the company.
  • 5. Following these steps will definitely allow you to access your Hulu account without any difficulties. If you come across any issues, then you have the official Hulu support to take help from.

Take Hulu Help, when Hulu doesn’t get activated

  • If Hulu is not working, then it’s not the app that is faulty because the problem has occurred when due to non-activation of Hulu app. The problem can be fixed by taking the Hulu help and support.
  • The activation process is extremely important and without performing activation, you can’t watch your favorite movies and TV shows. Hulu as well know is an application, so any small error in coding can disturb the entire functioning of the device. If you think you can’t activate the app on your own, then you can take the help of professionals.
  • This was all about activating Hulu on different devices. It looks simple in above-mentioned steps, but you need to make sure that you follow these steps in the right order otherwise errors could occur. Following these activation steps will help you activate Hulu in the easiest of the ways.
  • Besides Hulu, there is one more network that is widely popular in the world. It will be unfair if you don’t discuss the process of setting up that network on TV. We are referring to Netflix, which is giving a tough competition to Hulu.
  • Netflix also has a broad range of digital content, and people are simply in love with Netflix. If you are looking to get Netflix on your streaming device in order to enjoy your favorite shows and movies on TV during free time, then there is a whole process of multiple steps that you need to perform.
  • Click on the link you notice in the email of recovery. This email of recovery will valid up to only for one hour. After that create a new password and click on submit button.