What is Roku Activation Link Code?

Roku activation Link Code is a specific kind of code which is used for the activation of Roku Account. It is very important before we setup Roku player at our place. Roku activate link code is very unique and secret code provided by the official company to their users to activate the Roku Player.

If any Roku user doesn’t have this code or link then he can’t access his Roku account of Roku Device. If you forgot your Activate Link Code then you can access it again through visiting an official site of the Roku Activation Support.

Activate Roku Account using Roku Activation Code

Connect your Roku player with your TV and plug-in

  • To connect the Roku set box there is required a HDMI cable with full size plugs A/V cables for your Roku set-top-box.
  • Customers you have to buy these HDMI cables and A/V cables on your own because these don’t come with Roku device.
  • Plug-in one end of your A/V cable in the Roku-top-box and other one in the TV.

Establish Internet Connection for your Roku device

  • Customer if you have the Roku Premiere+ and Roku ultra then you have to buy wired Ethernet cable for it causes it is not included in the Roku package.
  • Users if you don’t want to use Ethernet cable then you can also use the wireless connection. For this you need to enter the username and a password for login process in Roku account.

Activate Link Code

Regular television sets are more like a blast from the past. Nowadays, if you set out to get a new TV, it’ll most likely be a smart TV. That TV will be “Smart” just like your Smartphone is it is connected and extendable. If you’ve bought a Roku, you probably want to start streaming & watching Netflix and Amazon Instant Video. These streaming services are part of what makes Roku really great. You can also play your own media files on it, whether it is over the network or via a USB stick.

But Hang On! Before you start streaming via your Roku, you have to Register your Roku Streaming Device & get a Roku Activation Code or Roku Enter Link Code. Activation for Roku is mandatory. After connecting the Roku device to a television set, the users are provided an action code which needs to be entered into their Roku accounts. Then a power cycle is required. The power cycle is when you power down your Roku Device & then power it up again. In a situation, where a Roku link code does not come up in a linked player, you need to go to the- ‘Help section’ and retrieve a new one. Then you can enter link code of Roku in the link section on the ‘Official Roku Site. It might take a sometime before the new code is updated into your account. You might have to wait for a few minutes before the updates take place automatically.

The update may fail to take place at times. If this happens, you need to restart the Roku player. This would refresh the Roku player, prompting a successful update. In case the new Roku activation link code fails to work completely, you might have to reset the player. Our Roku Technical Support Team can help with a step-by-step process of resetting the player at hand. You might need to completely reset the Roku player by going to the Settings section and then opting for a Factory Reset. Our Roku Tech Support Team has very experienced technicians who are available around the clock to resolve all your Roku Device technical issues! If you can’t fix your Roku account issues then contact Roku Support Activation Issue.

Roku Account Activation

  • After establishing a connection with internet next step is to sign up with your Roku account. If you already have a Roku account then you can sign-in otherwise you have to sign-up first.
  • To operate the Roku Streaming device or Roku player download the latest software from the internet. After that, be ready to sign up the Roku account.
  • To sign-up your Roku account visit www.roku.com/link account then you will receive there a Roku Activation Code which is unique code which is very important to match it online and used for the activation of the Roku account. After matching the code you have to enter link code in your Roku account. After entering it, it will automatically activate the Roku account owned by you. Then, click “Submit” Button.
  • After the setup of the Roku account and activation of account, now you are able to use your Roku account, you can browse and choose your favorite Roku channels and can add it to your channels list.
  • Finally Roku account activation process is complete. Now you can enjoy your online streaming on Roku device which offer by company.

Common Error’s occur while Activating your Roku Account

  • Get an error while entering the code
  • Device get stuck when entered the Roku code
  • Roku Player is not connecting to Wi-Fi
  • Roku is not streaming
  • Issue in adding new channels in you Roku account
  • Not able to setup Roku
  • Screen does not show the Roku code.

How to Create or Update the PIN for your Roku Account

  • If you want to create or update the Roku PIN of your Roku account then you have to follow some steps. Go to Roku official site my.roku.com from your PC.
  • Open your device and get sign into your Roku account. After signing in go on the page where is PIN preference option is available. Then under PIN preference select the Update button. After that choose your PIN preference form the all three options:
  • Always require a PIN to make purchases.
  • Always require a PIN to make purchases and to add items from the Channel Store.
  • A PIN is not required to make any purchase or add any item from the Channel Store.
  • If you choose either of the first two options and you have not created the PIN then you will see the pop up message to enter the 4 digit number in the PIN field and will choose to verify PIN field for the confirmation.
  • If you already have you PIN number then enter your PIN number in the verify PIN field.
  • Select the Save changes option and agrees to the terms of service.

How to Activate Channels in Roku device

Like our Smartphone we can use Roku as app store or play store for new applications, In Roku, we can add new channels through the ROKU CHANNEL STORE. Most of the channels are free only. In some case few channels require a onetime charge or paid subscription. Browse the Roku channel store from your Roku device, you can add channels from your mobile or tablet by Roku mobile app.

  • Instruction to add channels from Roku device
  • To open the main screen presses the home button.
  • To open the channel store click the streaming channels.
  • In search engine, you can enter keyword which is placed at the top of the channel store. Below that Verity of categories and genres
  • Select Details to know more about channels.
  • The channel is FREE then select Add channel to install.
  • The channel is paid then you can select buy $.X.XX for purchase.
  • How to add channels from the web
  • Go to roku.com/link
  • Select my account sign into your Roku account
  • Select Details to know more about channels.
  • Follow the instructions to buy or add the channels, theme, screensaver etc.

How to add channels from the web

  • Go to roku.com/link
  • Select my account sign into your Roku account
  • Select Details to know more about channels.
  • Follow the instructions to buy or add the channels, theme, screensaver etc..

How to do Roku Netflix Activation Code

  • 1)
  • You can stream all you favorite Netflix shows and movies through Roku in a very simple way. We need an internet connection and a Roku account which can be activated using the Roku Netflix Activation Code.
  • The all Netflix shows and movies are organized in different categories and you can opt your channel with your choice from channel List. Customer you can also create your own shows list by visiting Netflix official website.
  • 2)
  • Now select the Netflix icon form the main menu on the home screen, if this icon is not available there then you can select it from the Roku channels store (Roku.com/link).
  • When you will select the icon then there will appear the guidelines on the screen for making sure that you are doing exactly same to get activation code.
  • Then click on the prompt “Activate Netflix Device” for Roku activation code provided by Roku.
  • Now your account will be connected to Netflix.
  • 3)
  • Netflix provides many features to their users such as setting your own profile which provide fast access to your favorite shows. There are also provided some features to parents like they can control some channel which they don’t want to see by their children. These are parental control features which keep away to your child from inappropriate screening.
  • All the Roku devices support subtitles and caption as a default options. If required you can reset the default options as per your requisite. The audio option 5.1is availed in all Roku devices which support high quality streaming of Netflix contents.
  • 4)
  • Select Settings option from the Roku Home Menu.
  • Then select Netflix Settings option from the menu.
  • Choose deactivate option from Netflix account.
  • Now the Roku player will be deactivated
  • In case of you want to reactivate the Netflix account the select Netflix from Home menu and follow the guidelines on the screen to reactivate the account.
  • The activation of Netflix account made very simple by using the Roku Netflix activation code. Dial our toll-free number at +1-855-430-3276 .

How to Edit the Email Address or Password for Roku Account

Roku account is necessary for the users who use the Roku device because of this account stores all data and information regarding all Roku channels those you stream. It saves all your credit card information and payment details you have done for the paid channel subscription.
That’s why it is very important to have the valid and working email address associated with your Roku account so that you can receive all the important notifications. Therefore you should have the strong and unique password for your Roku account, so none can access it or can create any disturbance to privacy.

Steps to edit your email address and password for Roku account

  • Open the homepage www.roku.com/link of Roku account on your Computer or Smartphone.
  • Now log-in your Roku account if required.
  • After that open the account information and in that list click on the update option.
  • Make the changes you want to change in your account and finally click on save changes.

If you forgot your password of Roku account then follows steps:-

If you want to reset your Roku account then you need to know the Roku account details like email id and password.

  • Open the homepage on your computer or Smartphone of Roku account roku.com/link and then click on reset password option.
  • On the belief, you will see the account page instead of forgot password page and then you are automatically signed in to Roku account.
  • After that click on the welcome menu and click on sign out option.
  • Then after this step you will see the forgot password page and you will enter there an email address of account.
  • Click on the option of Submit and recovered email will send to your email address you have mentioned earlier.
  • Click on the link you notice in the email of recovery. This email of recovery will valid up to only for one hour. After that create a new password and click on submit button.
  • Finally you have successfully changed your password and sign in to your account.