Most of us know Roku as a small black box which allows you to instantly stream your favorite movies & TV shows to your TV, but most of us are unaware of how much content is really available, and that now there is a Roku TV, Roku Stick and even new Roku boxes available.
Not only can you stream tens of thousands of TV shows & movies from services like Hulu Plus, Netflix & Amazon Video on Demand (VOD), but you can also stream sporting events and music from iTunes, Pandora and MOG. Roku offers three types of streaming devices and is widely used by people looking for cost effective alternatives to the Cable Television. Their product suite includes a streaming stick, a line of streaming players and TVs with built in Roku streaming technology.

Roku TV Channels

Netflix Instant Streaming offers an impressive library of new & classic plus obscure movies and television shows on Roku. You can also purchase content from Amazon for the more current television shows. What recently made the Roku the streaming box to beat, was, the inclusion of Hulu Plus and its practically bottomless archive of TV shows & movies. Sports fans were in for a treat with the integration of services like MLB.tv, where you can watch out-of-market games on demand or live, and local games shortly after they have ended. The Roku offers a UFC channel with live and archived fights too. Plus there is Roku Newscaster, which combines into one offer several different channels like NBC, CNN, Fox, ESPN, BBC and NPR.

Roku Streaming Channels

In order to search for a specific channel, try browsing their massive selection of streaming channels.


Roku TV Technical Requirements

With the High Definition playback & Wi-Fi, the Roku Player is probably the easiest way to stream TV shows & movies directly to your TV. To get the most out of your Roku box, all you need is a TV, a high-speed Internet connection and most importantly, the Roku Player. Your Internet connection must at least be of 1.5Mbps, but if you are a big fan of high definition movies or live sports events, it should be at least of 3 or 5Mbps. The Standard AV cables come with the package but if you have an HDTV, it is highly recommended that you buy an extra HDMI cable.

The Roku Streaming Stick

A relatively newcomer to the Roku’s family; the best way to describe the Roku Streaming Stick is value packed. The Roku Streaming Stick will cost you the same price as Roku 1. The Roku streaming stick is only a little bigger than a USB stick which makes it so cool. It fits in the HDMI port of your television; unfortunately it is incompatible with older televisions. Much like Roku 3, you can cast from your apps directly to your television. However, the streaming stick won’t run as fast as the other Roku models. It can be a bit frustrating while loading up apps, and the controls can be unresponsive at times too. Also, you will have to wait a bit longer while booting up with the streaming stick. Roku Streaming Stick has a Wi-Fi based remote, so if you lose your remote, you would not be able to simply replace it. However, if you have a smart phone, you can download an app that turns your phone into a remote. You can get it for Android and you can download it for iOS here. Roku released its latest update to its streaming stick; and in simple words, it’s the best one yet! Sporting a quad core processor, the new Roku Streaming Stick (3600R) is 4x faster than the previous version. The new streaming stick also has the “Hotel/Dorm Room” feature, which makes it easier to connect your streaming stick to network which require authentication from an outside source; which is perfect for both travelers and students.

The Roku Streaming Stick

The Roku TV

The Roku TV is a smart TV that brings the Roku experience to your television with no cable bill. You get all your favorite Roku features from the other models and a slick new design that allows you to seamlessly switch between your streaming applications, DVD player & gaming console. The best part is that it is a lot cheaper than most televisions on the market. If you are of the mind to ditch the box altogether and go for a completely integrated experience, then you will want to snap up the Roku TV.


The Roku Secret Menu

This is more for advanced Roku Users. These codes can factory reset your Roku player. What very few of us know is that Roku has a secret menu which was specifically built for the developers, but, it is accessible to anyone with the code list.


Regular television sets are more like a blast from the past. Now a days, if you set out to get a new TV, it’ll most likely be a smart TV. That TV will be “Smart” just like your smartphone is it is connected and extendable. If you’ve bought a Roku, you probably want to start streaming & watching Netflix and Amazon Instant Video. These streaming services are part of what makes Roku really great. You can also play your own media files on it, whether it is over the network or via a USB stick.
But Hang On! Before you start streaming via your Roku, you have to Register your Roku Streaming Device &get a Roku Activation Code. Activation for Roku is mandatory. After connecting the Roku device to a television set, the users are provided an action code which needs to be entered into their Roku accounts. Then a power cycle is required. Power cycle is when you power down your Roku Device & then power it up again. In a situation, where a Roku link code does not come up in a linked player, you need to go to the- ‘Help section’ and retrieve a new one. Then you can enter link code of Roku in the link section on the ‘Official Roku Site. It might take a sometime before the new code is updated into your account. You might have to wait for a few minutes before the updates take place automatically. The update may fail to take place at times. If this happens, you need to restart the Roku player. This would refresh the Roku player, prompting a successful update. In case the new Roku activation link code fails to work completely, you might have to reset the player. Our Roku Technical Support Team can help with a step-by-step process of resetting the player at hand. You might need to completely reset the Roku player by going to the Settings section and then opting for a Factory Reset. Our Roku Technical Support Team has very experienced technicians who are available around the clock to resolve all your Roku Device technical issues!


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